The world is getting Smarter & what about Smart labour

The world is getting smarter. More women are educated now than ever before.

The world is getting smarter. Two year olds can now use iPhones.

The world is getting smarter. The spread of the Internet and smart phones are proof of that.

The world is getting smarter….yet the labourers who build our empires don’t seem to be showing any signs of intellectual growth.

Ten years ago, one could see them toiling away in the sun. Today, one can see the exact same thing. It seems while the “world” has gotten smarter, it has forgotten to take these labourers on its great journey.

If the world truly is to get any smarter, we need to take these labourers with us on this journey. We need to help them to grow and improve their skills so that they can advance in life.

How can we do that? Well, one way would be to provide them with smart phones. They would then be trained in using these phones. After which they would be given courses provided by our Smart Labour App. They would be able to improve their English skills for instance or learn the proper etiquettes related to their jobs.

One might wonder: How would these labourers be motivated to learn? The answer is simple.

Their families back home would also be provided with a smart phone. Each completed course would lead to a reward of free data and minutes so that the labourers can increase interaction with their families.

So, through this, the world truly does become smarter. The question is: How can YOU contribute to this journey?

Simple. You can either donate towards the phones or towards the data and minutes.

Come and join us in this effort to make the world a smart, better, more equal place for all.


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