Possible impact of a reward based Smart learning platform to learn English &real life skills

Imagine a life where you essentially work from morning until night with no time for personal or professional growth.

Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Imagine how the labourers, who actually live their lives this way, must feel.

Now, what can we, as a society, do to help them grow and be happier?

One thing that could cause them to grow professionally would be to offer them courses in various things. However, how would we motivate them to take these courses? After all, we need to remember that they work out in the heat for most of the day. They probably wouldn’t be interested in doing something more after that.

Well, what if we were to tie their learning into their social life? For example, imagine if each one of them was given a smart phone. They would be trained on how to use them. They would then take some courses using our Smart Labour App.

Once they finish a course, they would get rewarded - with free data and minutes. What do you think they would do with that? Obviously, they would use that to talk to their families and friends back home.

This way, their psychological wellbeing would vastly improve and they would be a lot happier. This would in turn make them more motivated to improve and change.

So, this would be the start of a wonderful – not vicious – circle for them. They would learn –and hence grow professionally - which would then cause them to be able to spend more time interacting with those whom they love, which in turn would cause them to grow on a personal level.

This is turn would lead to two more things:

 Firstly, the labourers themselves would be able to move on to better jobs in the future due to their professional development. This in turn would make them even happier.

Secondly, the society in turn would be a happier one. How so? Well, on one hand, the labourers would be happier. Also, the people who helped them i.e. YOU, would feel great pleasure and happiness at seeing these changes and realizing that you were a big part of it.

How can you be a part of this change? Well, go ahead and donate a smart phone or free data and minutes. Remember: This small step will lead to a much happier society.


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