Labourers, “The force behind UAE’s skyline”

Labourers, “The force behind UAE’s skyline”

He opened his eyes and realized that it was morning time. He knew the routine by now. Wake up, work in the hot sun the whole day and come back tired, only to repeat this process every single day.

That was his life. That was all he knew these days. He had almost forgotten what existed before it.

The only times when he remembered his former life was those few precious moments in the cyber cafe where he got to talk to his family. He couldn’t afford to go all the time but he treasured those moments given that he only got to see them once every two years.


Those are probably the thoughts running through the heads of those men we see every day working on our buildings. They are the force behind the UAE’s skyline, yet they don’t seem to have much of a presence in our lives. We barely give them a second glance.

Yet, they are all humans with needs. Each one is an intelligent person with a family back home. However, how often are their intellectual and social needs met while they work here?

Will working day and night without any learning cause them to grow intellectually?

Will talking to their families once in a while in a noisy café with no privacy and slow Internet connection cause them to grow emotionally and socially?

Of course not.

So, in order to help out these workers, we have a plan and need YOUR help.

Each worker would be given two smart phones – one for him and one for his family back home. After this, they would be trained on how to use them.

They would then use our Smart Labour App in order to learn some basic skills like English, for example. For every course they complete successfully, they would be rewarded with free data and minutes with which they could talk to their families – on their phones in the privacy of their own homes.

So how can YOU help? Well, why not donate a smart phone or some minutes?

Remember: It might sound like a little thing but it will make a lot of difference in someone else’s life.


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