About Us

Smart labour is a ground breaking unique project to set up an eco system that will enable labourers in the UAE to be part of the Smart revolution. The project will focus on the following

Smart Labour

    When a country plans to be on top, every sector and industry needs to come together to fulfill the vision of its leadership. In the United Arab Emirates, achieving monumental success isn’t just a vision of the future, it is the country’s proven track record etched in history.
    Making the UAE the happiest country in the world is part of the vision of President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.
    Over 88% of the UAE’s workforce is made of foreign nationals and almost half of them are employed in elementary occupations. We at Smart Labour believe that it is this chunk of the workforce that needs to be informed and empowered to make sure UAE becomes the happiest country in the world.

    Why Smart Labour?
    In a population of 9.2 million, the UAE has an extremely high number of foreign nationals in the workforce. Across the country, expatriates make up 88.5% of the working population, in Dubai this percentage goes up to 96.
    In this non-national population, around 42% of the workers have below secondary school education and are employed as construction workers, clerks and salespeople. Smart Labour is uniquely designed to reach out to this huge segment of the workforce to educate, empower and connect them to the country’s vision.


    How does it work?

    The first ever app in the UAE for blue-collared workers, this unique concept by Black & White Computer Trading Co LLC makes sure every worker reaps the benefit of online connectivity.
    The app benefits workers in multiple ways by …
    •    Improving their language and communication skills – Simple and easy to use Arabic and English courses have been made available to help workers learn the two most important languages in the country.
    •    Teaching them money management – for blue-collared workers, no matter what their source of income, wise use of the hard-earned money is crucial. Users can view videos offering tips and expert advice from experienced social workers on how to manage their finances.
    •    Developing their personality – information on the country’s laws and lifestyle as well as basic company policies and code of conduct, advice on how to make constructive use of their free time and personality development programmes have been made available to users through the app.
    •    Connecting them with their family – the app rewards progress on various courses through free data packs and talktime that helps workers connect with their loved ones back home.
    By understanding the basic needs of workers and offering engaging, beneficial content in an extremely convenient way, Smart Labour can help change the face of the country’s workforce.


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